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Simultaneous Defense and Offense

Simultaneous Defense and Offense

WingTsun™ utilizes defense (blocks) and offense (punches, strikes, kicks) at the same moment. The beginning student gets a taste of this training in the first two or three classes. It is difficult to find this kind of mental training anywhere except in such a class, particularly while training for self-defense and fitness.

In a real fight, you never see a defender execute a block and then a punch after the block. By the time the defender “blocks” and then counters with his or her own punch or strike, the attacker has already launched a second attack. In keeping with reality, WingTsun does not do a counter in two steps except in the emergency bong sau movement. A counter-attack must be performed in one movement.

The word “blocks” is shown in quotes because we do not really call our defensive movements as blocks because this denotes a barrier. We do not place a barrier to our attacker’s movements but rather move aside or otherwise dissolve his power. This is so as to not clash with our attacker’s force.

The simultaneous defense and offense creates a benefit in the brain in being able to handle #simple tasks with two hands simultaneously.