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Wing Tsun Arizona special topic classes

Wing Tsun Arizona holds periodic special topic classes

Wing Tsun Arizona special topic classes

Most punching attacks move along a curved line or straight from the hip. The Wing Tsun Arizona special topic classes teach Wing Tsun concepts applied to common attacks such as surprise attacks, punching attacks, anti-grappling (against grabs), and dealing with weapons.

The WingTsun straight-line thrusting punch is straight with the front of the fist squarely in front to prevent injury to the hand. The punch takes less time to reach its target than other types of punches. Our class will teach the explosive speed needed to completely take advantage of the shorter distance. In addition we will work on proper timing, footwork and coaching mitt practice.

One would think that learning to deal with surprise attacks would be standard practice at martial arts schools but many martial art / sports schools do not even address this. After-all, your enemy would not warn you if he wants to hurt you.

Punching attacks are a commonly feared attack and we deal with that in these classes. Some schools never get beyond defenses against punches from their own martial art. This, of course, is unrealistic.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg