Wing Tsun Skills Can Save Your Life.


Wing Tsun Skills Can Save Your Life

Wing Tsun is first and foremost, a martial art of self-defense. The direct nature of Wing Tsun techniques lends itself to speedy self-defense. It is not necessary to always get into a stance to take advantage of Wing Tsun power, tactics and strategies in a real situation when a life is at stake.

An example is Wing Tsun training in the straight-line thrusting punch. Training involves accelerating the short distance punch from zero speed to top speed in a tiny fraction of a second.

The scientific explanation is that speed is power. Scientists were stunned the first time they found a fragile piece of barn yard straw embedded in a tree truck after a tornado. This was an example of speed being more important than mass or strength in delivering power. The same principal is used in Wing Tsun punching and striking.

In defense, the whole body is turned into a spring. When faced with great power, a Wing Tsun trainee is taught to yield so as to prevent injury to oneself and at the same time allowing the attacker to continue. A Wing Tsun trainee can use or ‘borrow’ that force to use against the attacker. One way is to instantly save or ‘store’ that energy from the attacker to return it instantly against him.

Against a weapon, Wing Tsun’s tools are the most practical. Low kicks are the normal Wing Tsun kicks and are the most practiced and necessary against weapon attacks. Blades are terrifying and fast. Economical movement is Wing Tsun trademark and absolutely critical if on is to have any hope in avoiding a cut.

Fast, powerful close range punching, striking and kicking are the norm against grappling attacks. Close-range is the Wing Tsun specialty.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg