We can and will teach self defence moves but to become skillful, one must practice diligently to gain effective self defense skill should the need arise. The bigger purpose of training is often forgotten. Training of the mind and body in a martial art can be quite fulfilling. It often changes a student’s perspective on themselves.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone can fill a hole in one’s background. If you happen to have been confined to a desk for years or in front of a computer screen,

to be without these comfortable positions is to challenge yourself. You will be using muscles that have not been used in years or perhaps have never been used extensively. It is important for the whole body to wake up and be capable of emergency action should the need arise. There is more to getting the body active that avoiding a punch or somebody grabbing you from behind. There are benefits in gaining the speed and reflex to catch yourself in mid-fall or a trip, having the reflexes and flexibility in one’s legs to apply the brakes in a close call while driving, to avoid a falling object or to catch a valued possession that you dropped with your newly developed eye-hand coordination.

There is also a great deal of confidence that comes from these kinds of new abilities that you, yourself created.

Average people can and should make up their mind to get started soon. Middle age is not too late to start.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” –Chinese Proverb