Our Classes

Here is our Wing Tsun Martial Arts Classes schedule:

Gilbert, Az

Temporarily Located @ Ballet Etudes School
2401 E. Baseline Rd., #111,
Gilbert, AZ 85234

Above is the New, Exclusively-WingTsun facility:

Tentative Open Date 09/25/17 with expanded schedule.

745 N. Gilbert Rd. #120, Gilbert, AZ 85234

Instructor: Sifu Keith Sonnenberg
Phone: (480) 668-9220
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Trial Classes

Classes held:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday @ 7:30-8:30 pm.

Scottsdale, Az

Located @ Mountain View Karate
8445 E. McDonald Dr.,
Scottsdale, 85250.

Instructor Sifu John Brusstar
Phone: (480) 519-5287

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Web Site: Scottsdale Wing Tsun

Classes held:
Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 – 8:30 pm / Sunday 10:00 am – 11:00 am


  • WingTsun™ adult martial arts classes are for teens and adults, ages 14 and up. Anybody can learn depending on current health and fitness.
  • WingTsun martial arts classes are for self-defense, self confidence, stress management, improving existing fitness, and personal growth. We are not practicing, connected with or affiliated with any religion.
  • We are not a weight loss program. Most experts agree that diet management is at least as important, if not more important than exercise in losing weight.
  • Our class location is central in the east valley of the Phoenix area in Gilbert. For the Scottsdale branch, it is in the karate school in the Basha’s Shopping center, S.E. corner of Granite Reef and McDonald Dr.
  • Free TRIAL lessons by appointment only
  • New students must join the IWTA-NAS.
  • Official uniform is required after joining.
  • Sifu Keith Sonnenberg teaches the majority of the Gilbert classes.
  • Sifu John Brusstar teaches all Wing Tsun classes in Scottsdale. Contact him for intro classes.
  • Teaching one-hour introductory classes for small groups of ten or more at your place of business. Contact Sifu Keith.

Training philosophy:

  • Safety is always first in the facility.
  • Students progress at their own pace. However students are tested every three months to encourage progress. Student must earn their ranks.
  • Students help each other learn.
  • We would like every student to attend three classes per week. However if this isn’t always possible, two classes per week is the minimum to see progress.
  • We build the student’s skill, not just throw a lot of techniques at you.
  • Wing Tsun is like academics but with the BODY and mind instead of just the mind. If a student misses too many classes early on, the body “forgets” the movements learned in previous classes and skill advancement is greatly slowed or stopped.
  • Repetition is important.
  • Additional practice outside of class is important to maintain progress.
  • Control of force is inherent in WingTsun techniques because of sticky hands.
  • Stay hydrated. Students should keep a water bottle hand.

Note to new students: Martial arts classes involve physical activity and are designed to build mental and physical endurance and fitness. It is recommended that persons starting our martial arts classes being in reasonably good physical condition and consult their doctor before beginning. Physical or mental conditions that affect performance or safety must be disclosed prior to participation. In these cases, permission to participate from a doctor may be required.

Visitors from other IWTA, EWTO, EEWTO or other affiliated schools: We welcome visitors from other affiliated association schools to come and train! Please have your instructor contact Sifu Keith Sonnenberg on our Contact Page to tell us whether it is OK for you to attend. Then email Sifu Sonnenberg with your expected time and day of attendance.

Trial Class

Schedule your trial class(es) by

  1. Filling out the form here
  2. Call us at (480) 668-9220 and leave message
  3. E-mail us through our Contact page here

From a personal motivational standpoint, it is best to start your training as early in the week as possible. We suggest Monday or Tuesday. Trial students must arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of classes. Speak to an instructor before class time. Come in the front door and wait in the lobby area.