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Learning from the Ground Up

At Wing Tsun Arizona, Gilbert, you learn from the ground up, almost literally. We teach Wing Tsun footwork, followed by the hands. Hands and feet must be coordinated. In southern Chinese kung-fu, stance and footwork play a very important role. In learning an art like Wing Tsun, you will start with setting-up of the basic […]

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Dexterity with Wing Tsun Training

One overlooked benefit of Wing Tsun training is the physical dexterity you can develop with regular training. In the process of learning kicks, punches and footwork, the drills that Wing Tsun is famous for work the joints in flexibility and strength. Wrist circles and stance circles are numerous in the training. They are designed to […]


Defend and Counter Attack

A prominent feature of Wing Tsun kung fu training is defending and attacking at the same time. Wing Tsun’s hands, located at the center of the chest, go out to meet the attack simultaneously in some long-range applications. In other applications, a bridge is established microseconds before the fight is underway to establish the direction, […]


Gather the Wing Tsun Ideas

As a student of Wing Tsun kung-fu, you must start at the beginning. It is important to your understanding of Wing Tsun that Wing Tsun is not just a grab bag of techniques or ‘tricks.’ You can gather the ideas present in Wing Tsun by attending class, training hard in the principals and by reading […]


Forward Energy

There are analogies for life within the art of Wing Tsun kung-fu. One such analogy is the idea of forward energy. Martial arts analogies exist in other arts but Wing Tsun seems to have many, perhaps because of its concepts. To prevail in an encounter with an opponent, it can be necessary to maintain forward […]

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One Week of Classes for $19.95

Starting Wednesday December 06, new students may try us out for one week, 4-classes, for just $19.95! That is right, for just $19.95, you get four personalized one-hour classes by experienced instructors for one week. This offer expires Thursday December 21, 2017. We offer four classes per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Classes are […]