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Self Defense Scenarios

It can be useful for WingTsun students to develop self-defense scenarios in their mind as long as they are not “fixed formulas.” In other words ask yourself “what if this happened?” OK, most of my students already know that if somebody asks, “What if I took a swing at you?” or “What would you do…,” […]


Defying the Odds

Through my 40 plus years teaching martial arts, I have seen a sizable number of people decide to start attending martial arts classes but then, do not continue.  These beginning martial arts students might have thought that they had set high standards for themselves. They incorrectly think that these “high standards” that they are setting […]

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Wing Tsun Kung-fu, a Martial Art for Self Defense

Among martial arts for self defense, Leung Ting WingTsun® is consistent throughout. It is important from a realistic standpoint that a defender have automatic reactions trained into their nervous system so that a surprise attack can be dissolved without planning, thinking about it, or reconsidering, all of which would mean failure to defend oneself. It […]