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Timing in the Martial Arts

Timing is one of the most crucial aspects for successful techniques in the martial arts. In a punch performed in the air, for example, letting the power leave your fist too soon means that the power is gone before it reaches the target. Not allowing the power to be released until after you hit the […]


Close Range Martial Art

Among the many differences between Wing Tsun and most martial arts offered is a Wing Tsun specialty, close-range techniques. The prevailing idea of most arts is long-range defense and offense. The idea that goes along with this is that one can develop more power from a greater distance. This is basically true. In addition, by […]


Different Wing Chun Versions

There are many different lineages of Wing Chun, Ving Tsun today including Wing Tsun. The instructors of these schools have decided to spell their teachings differently from one another. For many years, the western world assumed that all Wing Chun came from the late Grandmaster Yip Man. Yip Man lineages are the most numerous and […]