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Two-weeks for $19.95

Starting Tuesday November 28, new students may try us out for two weeks, 4-classes, for just $19.95! That is right, for just $19.95, you get four personalized one-hour classes by experienced instructors over a two-week period. This offer expires Tuesday December 5, 2017. We offer four classes per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Classes […]

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Self-Defense and Awareness for Real Estate Professionals

This FREE one-hour class, presented by Wing Tsun Arizona will include Situational Self-Defense & Physical Self-Defense. Class limited to 12 participants. We will normally hold this class at our location at 745 N. Gilbert Rd. #129, Gilbert, AZ 85234. However if your organization has at least 12 persons that can participate in the class, we […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Offer

The first five new subscribers that enroll starting Black Friday through Cyber Monday, November 27, 2017 to our web site email and blog may have one calendar week free introductory classes (4 classes). The one week trial offer holds until the end of the year, December 31, 2017. This is a personalized series of one […]


Everybody Tries to Make Martial Arts Complicated

“Everybody tries to make martial arts complicated,” something Grandmaster Leung Ting Ting has often stated. The Wing Tsun idea starts with simplicity. This martial art started out 300 years ago as a martial art of change. The developers thought that existing martial arts were too complicated.  They wanted to change the prevailing approach which was […]

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Timing in the Martial Arts

Timing is one of the most crucial aspects for successful techniques in the martial arts. In a punch performed in the air, for example, letting the power leave your fist too soon means that the power is gone before it reaches the target. Not allowing the power to be released until after you hit the […]