A Complete Self Defense Martial Art

The internet seems rife with claims about which is the best self defense martial art or which is more effective in a seemingly endless effort to recruit more students. Claims of ineffectiveness based on a video of one martial artist beating another are a waste of anybody’s attention. Any person can beat another at any given moment based on many factors which may not be obvious in a video. Calls to join schools or arts based on questionable reasoning are common. Calls appealing to convenience, faster learning, instant success, solving a problem you have with crime in your neighborhood with a few quick visits to your local self-defense practitioner are also frequent. What seems to be forgotten is whether a martial art offers something a person is looking for such as a fitness and health regimen they can handle, a recreational activity, a unique skill to learn, or a reasonable expectation of learning common self-defense. After all, most people do not expect to be attacked by a champion ring fighter.

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Wing Tsun Kung-fu, a Martial Art for Self Defense

Among martial arts for self defense, Leung Ting WingTsun® is consistent throughout. It is important from a realistic standpoint that a defender have automatic reactions trained into their nervous system so that a surprise attack can be dissolved without planning, thinking about it, or reconsidering, all of which would mean failure to defend oneself. It is also important that a self defense martial art or a self defense course not be a grab bag of ‘solutions’ which are formulaic. There are no formulas to defend in an unknown attack.

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