Self Defense Scenarios

It can be useful for WingTsun students to develop self-defense scenarios in their mind as long as they are not “fixed formulas.” In other words ask yourself “what if this happened?” OK, most of my students already know that if somebody asks, “What if I took a swing at you?” or “What would you do…,” that this can be a useless and even dangerous verbal exercise. After all, you really don’t know how they will attack until they actually do. However, it can be useful to speculate with yourself. In other words, ask yourself this question as a bit of internal dialog, “How well would I do in a real self-defense situation?” “What WOULD I do if somebody came around a corner and tried to grab or hit me?” These mental exercises can help you visualize the beginning, the middle and the end of an attack defended by classical WingTsun movements. This can also aid your self-confidence.

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Anti-Grappling Self Defense Classes in Gilbert

A great many actual attacks by persons on others in real life situations involve grabs. Not everything is a strike in actual circumstances. In our self defense classes in Gilbert, we offer as a special topic, the concepts of Leung Ting WingTsun® as applied to grappling attacks or grabs. The Leung Ting WingTsun® system utilizes the applications of the forms in the Yip Man lineage to teach students how to defend at five ranges or, what may be more descriptive, five situational ranges: kicking, hand /arm range, knees and elbow range, anti-grappling while standing, and ground-fighting self-defense.

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