You can buy all the self-help books you want. You can read all the materials and dream and dream, but nothing is going to happen until you commit to a better life. Wing Tsun training can be a great place to start.

Ancient martial arts are not outdated for the human body and spirit. Certainly, new training methods and new circumstances can improve upon fighting and self-defense effectiveness. However ancient ideas are still very valid based on hundreds of years of trial and error and developed in a time without technology. Fortunately for us, Wing Tsun has kept up with modern, urban applications.

Wing Tsun Kungfu has some very basic ideas that are timeless. The ideas are basic, but they still require a commitment to training. You can continue to make excuses as to why you should study one martial art over another, or whether you should do a conventional competitive sport or join a gym, but the most important thing is to get started and follow through.

That feeling of accomplishment is not some magical thing that somebody can bestow upon you but something that comes from within. Your honest effort is going to make the difference!

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg