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Wing Tsun in Daily Life

Wing Tsun in Daily Life

You cannot ignore the obvious that WingTsun is a self-defense system… it’s great to know it when you need it but some may ask “When am I ever going to use these techniques in daily life?”

Answer: Everyday

You can use Wing Tsun in daily life. However, can you use these self defense movements unless you live on the streets and life is a daily survival lesson?

The answer is that the balance, coordination and mental control that you learn will be a daily benefit to you. You can even practice Wing Tsun while in your usual habitat: at home, in the break room at work, in the kitchen, or in the park. All it takes is to imagine doing the movements

You can imagine when you are walking that you are moving forward in the Wing Tsun advancing steps. The more you think about this, the better you can do it when the time comes. It is a proven mental technique that rehearsing something in your mind’s eye precisely the way you plan to do it when the time comes helps you perform better. Even better is to imagine your success when completing the movement.

Let us say that you are making a sandwich or packing a lunch at home. Move from one side of the kitchen to the refrigerator in the Wing Tsun advancing step. Let us say that your arms and neck are getting stiff at the computer. Take two minutes and do wrist circles or stretching out the single thrusting punch of Wing Tsun. Stretch and get rid of some frustrating pressure. Imagine the computer screen as your wall bag and, in your mind, punch it about 30 times with good technique. You’ll be surprised how good that will make you feel. That is recalling a pleasant experience such as a specific Wing Tsun training session when all your cylinders were firing, a good workout or a specifically good day you had on a favorite vacation (not just running through the proverbial field of flowers!!!), will relief you of stress.

As a Wing Tsun student, you can get a one-hour mini vacation three times per week just by going to class and you will have all those memories to recall later, relieving your stress.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg