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Martial arts exercises are a big step up in what the body requires for health over just doing repetitive exercise programs involving calisthenics, weight lifting, walking, running, etc. Martial arts movement requires a mind-body commitment and connection and there is a big payoff. There is less boredom when one’s program is varied. Also, recent research has indicated that different speeds and different movements within a session have a more beneficial effect on overall fitness.

Coordination is improved, both in left and right hand-type and left and right foot coordination, particularly in Wing Tsun which teaches how to use both hands doing different tasks simultaneously. Hand-eye coordination is improved. Reflexes are improved. This alone has saved me from several car accidents. Other improvements include sense of timing, balance and stability, ability to feel the floor under one’s feet and I could go on.

When learning a new movement, it is best to start doing the movement slowly as though moving through a vat of molasses! Immediately putting power into a new movement is counterproductive. Moving slowly at first allows a trainee to teach the body and get the movement’s trajectory correct. In addition, it works the movement into the muscle memory of the body. It is important that certain mechanical movements be automatic.

All body flexibility is improved in Wing Tsun, particularly in the upper body. Breath control is exercised for increased efficiency in the way we use oxygen.

Wing Tsun utilizes 100% weighting on the rear leg in most activity which gives each leg in turn the ability to support one’s whole body weight on one leg. The physical discipline and technique training has a direct practical use in self-defense.

Wing Tsun uses low kicks usually no higher than the waste. The kick is also utilized as a step. A step is a kick and kick is a step. It is a stomping-type kick which moves like a piston. Impact point is the heel. Hands and feet move together.

Power is generated through sudden, explosive action of the punch or kick. Brute muscular power is not the Wing Tsun way. One develop the ‘fast twitch’ muscles fibers in Wing Tsun.

Try it.

Sifu Keith Sonnenberg