Martial Arts Structure

In our martial arts classes in Mesa AZ, technically in the town of Gilbert just across the Mesa city line, we teach the Leung Ting WingTsun® system which, in part, uses body structure to add strength and effectiveness to the movements.

Virtually all martial arts have a structure concept. In the same way as a bridge, the correct structure will add strength to something that did not have it before. A human being is a living, moving creature. It cannot have a long life and function well without good structure.

Proper structure gives life to the movements and is responsible for a great part of its effectiveness in real fights and self-defense situations. In addition, regular practice of WingTsun™ improves general posture as a by-product of the self-defense training.  Careful training inside and outside of class using a mirror in solo practice can pay tremendous physical rewards and personal satisfaction, both in skill advancements and general body health.

WingTsun’s first form, Siu Nim Tau mean’s ‘little idea’ in Chinese. It is the place go when a question arises about structure. It gives a ‘basic idea’ about WingTsun. The form’s movements are representative of WingTsun’s economy of movement, sticky hands ideas, shoulder position, punching technique, breathing, structure, tension, and posture. Always think back to the Siu Nim Tau when questions arise. Ask “What lessons were the founders trying to teach with this form?”

Leung Ting WingTsun® uses a 100% weight on the back leg in forward stances and turning stances. Any lifting of the leg does not reveal by weight shifting to the back leg to an opponent that a kick is about to be used. The weight is already there!

Leung Ting WingTsun® also uses upright posture of the back to maintain balance and give good eye perspective. The head is straight and level. The shoulders are perpendicular to our punch. No leaning or reaching with the shoulder for punching. Instead, a short step forward with the lead, unweighted leg closes the gap for us.

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-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg