Intention with SNT

The mental and physical health benefits of regular WingTsun™ training go beyond heart rate, respiration, muscle tone and confidence.  The WingTsun system fits in with the characteristics of several other “internal” martial arts. Many internal martial arts spend a great deal of time developing the internal energy. This is a worthwhile pursuit…

WingTsun is normally classified as an external system because, in addition, it pursues practical fighting applications and striking rice bags. However, WingTsun’s movements are largely internal in nature – that is, they do not appear powerful. The center of the bone structure is used and body structure, not muscular strength (a characteristic of external styles) is used to develop power.  Many martial arts including the Chinese styles have internal and external elements within them and WingTsun is no different in this respect.

The Siu Nim Tau form represents WingTsun’s internal elements. The practice of the form using proper breathing enables the practitioner to develop “intent” behind the movements. It is important that a practitioner use “intent” to form the movements. This creates the important mind-body connection. A practitioner can use visualization to make the movement come alive in later applications. If you imagine using the techniques in reality, the movements become ingrained and real. The mind should be emptied except for the techniques when practicing. The mind drives the movements and connecting the mind to the specific movement is the most important thing in forms practice. Unlike applications, the mind is specifically engaged in each movement in forms practice. In application, the techniques need to become automatic and work without conscious thought. The mind must stay connected to the movements in forms practice. You will find that when the mind wanders, the connection is broken. In fighting and chi sau practice, you will quickly learn that this is how you get hit! How very different this kind of activity is from a modern person’s daily activities of talking, watching, starring at computer screens, typing or negotiating with others. Human beings cannot thrive on solely these activities. One’s batteries will only be depleted. Regular WingTsun training can re-charge one’s “batteries.” The main battery is the mind. The mind drives the body. If the mind is tired, re-charge it with Siu Nim Tau and practice movement with intent.

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