Training at Home:

  1. First, state to your friends (and yourself) out loud that your WingTsun™ training is important to you and “please do not interrupt my training unless the house is on fire.”
  2. Find a place apart from the rest of the house in a room, a basement, an attic, a rec room, or a porch that you can use as a make-shift training area. Because you are training in WingTsun, it doesn’t have to be glamorous or big.
  3. Do some simple exercises first and take a few breaks. One suggestion is to begin with the Siu Nim Tau, then progress onto more difficult techniques.
  4. Get a copy of my ten minute WingTsun training. Ask your instructor.
  5. Music may be an acceptable accompaniment depending on the pace of the music. Too fast and you can get sloppy. Too slow and it could be boring, sleep-inducing.

Training with Partners:

  1. Partners are great for exchanging information and getting more constructive training time outside of class, as well as moral support.
  2. Recruit a friend that can learn enough to catch up to you or at least come within 2 ranks of you. You can help him or her with their lower level techniques and sooner than you think, he or she becomes a good training partner! It is a win-win because they get an outside training source as well.


  1. Getting some equipment can pay great dividends. Just a large mirror can make a night and day difference in one’s training progress and simulates our training halls, also a great mental boost. Some simple decorations such as photos or Chinese scrolls can help you get in the mood and designates your area (even if it is a 5 foot by 5 foot area!) as a WingTsun training area.
  2. A wall bag can be properly installed. Once you reach 2nd student grade, it is time to start wall-bag training. You can tie a bag around a tree in the park or install one at your house either with a stand-alone unit or against a block wall.
  3. If you have a partner, get a chest protector or a hand target of some kind for punching. I recommend the Wingtsun chest protector or a leather focus mitt.

Last but not least, make the training an important aspect of your life somewhere in the upper pecking order on par with making a living and eating. As long as it takes a lower fourth or fifth place in your life, your body and mind are going to show it.


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