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The big book Wing Tsun Kuen by Leung Ting, 10th Level M.O.C. has a section called “Stories of Yip Man” who is the ICON and late Grandmaster of our system and others in his lineage.  Here is one such story directly quoting the book:

A stance that saved Yip Man’s life…

“Once, Yip Man, as Captain of the detective squad, was chasing a thief who had just ascended to the flat roof of a house by means of the inside stairway.  When Yip Man came up onto the roof the thief had already jumped over the parapet to the roof of the neighbouring house, which was quite close, and was about to go down the stairway from the roof of that house. Yip Man, risking his life rather than allowing the thief to escape, followed suit by jumping over the space between the two roofs. The thief, seeing that Yip Man was hard after him, suddenly slammed the door of the roof stairway toward Yip Man, who had just landed in front of it. This scared all those who were watching him, as the door might force him back to fall off the ledge of the roof. But they were wrong, for Yip Man’s upper trunk only swayed backwards, and he was able to retain his balance. After this, the people of Fatshan were even more convinced of Yip Man’s competence in Wing Tsun Kung-Fu.”

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