As a student of Wing Tsun kung-fu, you must start at the beginning. It is important to your understanding of Wing Tsun that Wing Tsun is not just a grab bag of techniques or ‘tricks.’

You can gather the ideas present in Wing Tsun by attending class, training hard in the principals and by reading the books by Great Grandmaster Leung Ting. This all takes time but the more you train and study the ideas, the faster this will come.

Wing Tsun is certainly quite a departure from other, more ‘traditional’ martial arts. It is the peak of economy in its movements, logical in its approach and beneficial to your well-being through its logical thinking and the exercise you will get.

Wing Tsun doesn’t just give lip service to its claims but follows them by training in its basic forms, basic training, sticky hands, and advanced training methods.

Many other arts do not train in sticky hands or do not have a sophisticated training process to achieve these skills. They do not have close-range sophistication. Many do not have a meditation built into their forms. They have not rid themselves of myths in power theories, defending and attacking, and attractive looking techniques that do not work. They do not have the ancient tools that reach back to the origins of martial arts in the monasteries – tools like wooden dummies, tripodal dummies and footwork tools.

All too often, the human mind makes things too complicated. Wing Tsun aims for the simple and the obvious solution to problems. This requires a change of mind set and it makes Wing Tsun a rewarding adventure.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg