Adaptable WingTsun™

WingTsun is a highly adaptable system of martial arts. It is far more than a collection of fixed techniques. In fact, its forms are only representations of techniques and ideas. Not only are these ideas practical and efficient for self-defense, they are useful for correcting bad postural habits and flexibility problems.

For people that have tense shoulders or stiff necks, practicing WingTsun forms or fighting applications help improve or steer you toward correct posture and favorable structures. It is incorrect, from the standpoint of self-defense, to tense one’s shoulders or use the wrong muscle groups to enhance the power of a punch. It is a better strategy to use the attacker’s momentum, strength and intent against him.

The hips-tucked-forward posture helps straighten a lower back curvature by guiding the student to the correct positions and achieving better balance and stance mobility. Of course final correct achievement of some positions might take years of study or to speed this up, seeing a body work specialist can improve the picture for oneself sooner.

The first form, Siu Nim Tau, contains a full range of gentle upper body stretches. At the same time, one’s legs are being strengthened in a way the student has not experienced before.

The second form combines the movements of the steps and the hands. In addition, the hands learn to do separate tasks. The small muscle groups are tasked some more. Unlike the first form, the second form, Chum Kiu emphasizes the footwork and teaches coordinating it for direction changes that might occur in multiple attacker situations.

WingTsun has emphasis for any person. If one wishes to learn better fighting techniques, WingTsun has it. If one wishes to build a more functional body, WingTsun has it. If one wishes to learn to mentally focus, WingTsun has that in learning to do separate tasks with each hand as well as giving way to a greater strength or appearing weaker to an attacker (as if one’s ego is more important than surviving another day). If a person wishes to get better respiration, WingTsun has the breathing techniques of the first form. If one wishes to develop better thought patterns, a clearer head and faster reactions, WingTsun does this. If a person is looking for self-defense without necessarily carrying a weapon, WingTsun has that in a spectacular way.

If one does not wish to build big muscles to accomplish the above self-defense, it can be done. If one DOES wish to build big muscles, it will be difficult to achieve all of the WingTsun skills but the aggressive, forward energy (yang) side of WingTsun can be achieved.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg