One aspect of the self-defense martial art of Wing Tsun (Yip Man lineage) that may not be well known are the advanced motor skills learned throughout one’s body in the training. The ability to move two hands at the same time doing different movements is just the start. Beyond this are the sticky hands skills,

both single and double arm training which involve hand, arm, and leg structure and the forward energy which is also a basic idea taught in the first form. The motor skills extend to the legs and feet and the way they move in the process of learning self-defense skills. These skills involve smaller movements which are important in the time factor. Time and timing is often the deciding factor in effectiveness in fighting and self-defense.

These advanced motor skills extend themselves to your daily life. Moving better with more energy and less stress is a major benefit. This benefit may be of interest to those in a more basic training regimen or martial art.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg