A great many actual attacks by persons on others in real life situations involve grabs. Not everything is a strike in actual circumstances. In our self defense classes in Gilbert, we offer as a special topic, the concepts of Leung Ting WingTsun® as applied to grappling attacks or grabs. The Leung Ting WingTsun® system utilizes the applications of the forms in the Yip Man lineage to teach students how to defend at five ranges or, what may be more descriptive, five situational ranges: kicking, hand /arm range, knees and elbow range, anti-grappling while standing, and ground-fighting self-defense.

The defenses are to be used for self-defense only, not for sport. A great many of the actions are not allowed in sport grappling for reasons that become obvious when these techniques are learned.

Wing Tsun Arizona’s self defense classes are special topic classes taught periodically to our students. One topic is the anti-grappling applications of Wing Tsun. Some other topics include other punching methods from outside the Wing Tsun system, dealing with weapons, and focusing on surprise attacks.

Wing Tsun is referred to as a ‘flexible system. It is concept-based but teaches basic techniques to match the concepts of simultaneous defense and offense, economy of movement, straight-lines of attack or otherwise the shortest distance, borrowing an attacker’s force, etc.

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-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg