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New Class Now Offered

All Wing Tsun students who have already taken part in beginning or advanced training may attend this new class. Students may need some virtual lessons or a private lesson before attending. It is a one-hour class, 6-7 pm, on Tuesday evenings at our school in Gilbert. It is intended as a start toward full re-opening […]


Direct versus Indirect Wing Tsun Concept

The concept of direct versus indirect is a bit abstract. However, it is important because it is the main point that separates Wing Tsun from a sport. It is all well and good to describe how a sport is an activity with rules and, as such, it creates opportunities for each player to score ‘hits’ […]


Help your teacher in class

Wing Tsun students… You can learn Wing Tsun faster by helping your teacher (Sifu) teach the less experienced students. When you have to explain and demonstrate to another student how to do techniques, you are reviewing the material in the your own mind. You even have to perform the techniques accurately and set an example […]

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Update on COVID-19 and what we are doing

We follow the Arizona Department of Health Service guidelines. We use several big fans and open the rear door with a blower expelling air to boost ventilation. We require masks for all instructors, students, and guests. We are cleaning all surfaces such as door knobs, handles, faucets, regularly, and have hand sanitizer available at several […]

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The Uses of a Wooden Dummy

Wooden dummies in Chinese martial arts have a long history. Some think the idea goes back to the Shaolin monastery where they designed a series of spring-loaded dummies for the “Shaolin wooden dummy hall.” This was the final graduation site for a “fighting monk.” The person being tested was to move through a hall with […]

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Updates on Wing Tsun reopening

Click on the photo for a description. Phased reopening of Wing Tsun Arizona Wing Tsun Arizona will start in-person classes on Labor Day week. The government agency dealing with this (see below) is permitting 25% capacity to gyms. The scheduler limits attendance and is pay-by-the-class*. The one and only class for the next two weeks […]

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Mind and Body Kung Fu

Learn a form of kung fu – Wing Tsun – that is involved with the mind and body connection and inserting natural reactions into your body for self-defense. Once you are shown, you insert these natural reactions by repeating the exercises over and over. Usually you will have to do the exercises a few sessions […]