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Advanced Motor Skills are Learned in Wing Tsun

One aspect of the self-defense martial art of Wing Tsun (Yip Man lineage) that may not be well known are the advanced motor skills learned throughout one’s body in the training. The ability to move two hands at the same time doing different movements is just the start. Beyond this are the sticky hands skills,

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Practical Self-Defense

A running argument on the internet goes something like this: Is Wing Chun practical? Wing Chun is no good in a street fight. MMA fights prove Wing Chun is not practical. False. Possibly an individual that has the incorrect mindset is no good in a street fight. The art is above average and maybe the best […]

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Sticky Hands Gives You a “Leg Up.”

Long ago, masters of martial arts recognized that if you are suddenly attacked by a person unknown to you, the old martial arts motto “Know Your Enemy,” has lost some relevance. After all, you do not know this person. How do you deal with this event if you cannot know how he moves, thinks, or […]

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Struggling with Techniques?

Any beginner is bound to struggle at first, with learning new material. It is true of any new activity. I have a question for you. Does the struggle have to do with just learning your new movements or does it partly have to do with your ability? Regardless of athletic skills or physical learning abilities, […]

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If You Are Grabbed

Our classes address a surprise attack if you are grabbed by somebody attempting to put you into a headlock.  Of course there is a whole series of ideas against grabs that can be addressed.  Many martial art styles have pre-arranged scenarios for a whole variety of attacks.  Unfortunately none of those scenarios is going to […]

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Are You a Martial Artist?

You might say that anybody that takes a martial arts class is a martial artist. Then again, you could say that anybody that is climbing up through the ranks should be classified as a martial artist. I ask the question because many people that are in a martial arts class have never thought about it […]