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Iron Palm and Body

Some sports require a tough, if not an iron body, to withstand the level of punishment in multiple round matches or long sparring sessions. Conventional training might include weight training, abdominal exercise and medicine ball hits to the abdomen. Sometimes the training includes soaking the hands in brine (saltwater solution) to toughen the skin. This […]


Martial Arts injuries

In learning how to defend yourself, it seems counter-intuitive to get injured on a regular basis when you are studying a self-defense system. You are trying to AVOID being injured if you are attacked! Injuries interfere with your advancement and continued training. Naturally the risk of injuries cannot be avoided completely. However, they can be […]

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Lots of Discussions on the Internet …

There are a lot of videos on the internet that go on and on about proper techniques and what works in a fight and what doesn’t. Some make very proper arguments about strength training and techniques training and how important strength is. Some criticize the soft arts like tai chi and aikido about their insistence […]


Get the New Year off to a Great Start!

Offer extended to February 11, 2020. Wing Tsun Arizona offers new students a great deal for your first month of two classes per week! Email us to get started with an appointment for a trial lesson. Click Schedule and fill out the form for an appointment. $55.00 is your cost for one month, no obligation. Your […]


Some people are more talented than others.

We have all seen how some high school students play football or try out for track or gymnastics and make the team and others just cannot make the cut. The first set of students are picked because they are naturally coordinated. They did not have much time to get that way in one or two […]

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Continuing your martial arts practice?

If you are in your twenties and practice fighting arts that involve a heavy dose of athletics with high kicks, spins, many direct hits to the face, ( https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/mma-fighters-suffer-traumatic-brain-injury-in-almost-a-third-of-professional-bouts-study ) rolling around on the floor for most of typical classes, and other activities like this, you will get just so much mileage out of these […]