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The Uses of a Wooden Dummy

Wooden dummies in Chinese martial arts have a long history. Some think the idea goes back to the Shaolin monastery where they designed a series of spring-loaded dummies for the “Shaolin wooden dummy hall.” This was the final graduation site for a “fighting monk.” The person being tested was to move through a hall with […]

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Updates on Wing Tsun reopening

Click on the photo for a description. Phased reopening of Wing Tsun Arizona Wing Tsun Arizona will start in-person classes on Labor Day week. The government agency dealing with this (see below) is permitting 25% capacity to gyms. The scheduler limits attendance and is pay-by-the-class*. The one and only class for the next two weeks […]

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Mind and Body Kung Fu

Learn a form of kung fu – Wing Tsun – that is involved with the mind and body connection and inserting natural reactions into your body for self-defense. Once you are shown, you insert these natural reactions by repeating the exercises over and over. Usually you will have to do the exercises a few sessions […]

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Update on the re-opening of classes at our school

We check the COVID-19 Arizona infection rate often with the Arizona Department of Health Services web site.When we open, we will have a few procedures in place.Since early this month, some trends are downward.Since Arizona just started weekend-only mass testing a short while ago, the statistics from the news media are confusing. Sometimes their fine […]

Wing Tsun Arizona’s response to COVID-19

As of April 5th, Wing Tsun Arizona is going into the third week without classes, trying to flatten the curve and keep from passing the COVID-19 virus strain around. We are working on the first video set illustrating some basic movements and wall bag training for member’s home practice. No date yet for resuming classes. […]