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Update on the re-opening of classes at our school

We check the COVID-19 Arizona infection rate often with the Arizona Department of Health Services web site.When we open, we will have a few procedures in place.Since early this month, some trends are downward.Since Arizona just started weekend-only mass testing a short while ago, the statistics from the news media are confusing. Sometimes their fine […]

Wing Tsun Arizona’s response to COVID-19

As of April 5th, Wing Tsun Arizona is going into the third week without classes, trying to flatten the curve and keep from passing the COVID-19 virus strain around. We are working on the first video set illustrating some basic movements and wall bag training for member’s home practice. No date yet for resuming classes. […]

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You will have a path to learning Wing Tsun

Maybe you have worked to get ahead in learning another martial art and maybe you regularly passed rank tests and moved up the ladder. However, maybe you had an uneasy feeling that you have not learned the fundamentals of the art. There may not be a self-defense application. Perhaps you cannot conceive of how these […]


Empty Your Cup. What does it mean?

To “empty one’s cup” is a Zen philosophy phrase which means to get rid of preconceived ideas about what you think the martial art of Wing Tsun will be and move aside ideas that you have gained from another martial art. If your head is full of fixed ideas about other martial arts, you will […]

One Month Trial Offer Extended

Offer extended to April 30, 2020. Wing Tsun Arizona offers new students a great deal for your first month of two classes per week! Email us to get started with an appointment for a trial lesson. Click Schedule and fill out the form for an appointment. $55.00 is your cost for one month, no obligation. […]

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The Real Reality about Fight Training

Learning several martial arts simultaneously, all with different concepts and ideas regarding fighting and self-defense must be very confusing for a beginner. Learning a “deflecting hand,” for example, out of the context of its source art does not allow the student to understand its use. Many schools claim to teach students reality fighting. How real […]