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Getting Power with Wing Tsun Techniques

Wing Tsun is completely different in its approach to getting power. For those immersed in another discipline, this statement is met with a lot of skepticism. It just seems easier to develop power using a person’s native power to hit or kick. Internal power has a mysterious ring to it. To clarify the reason for […]


Simplify Your Defense

One of the main attributes and principals coming out of your Wing Tsun training is “simplicity.” If you crowd your brain with too many techniques, especially if they come from different martial arts with different approaches and concepts, your defense is bound to be shaky at best in a street situation. If your repertoire is […]


The long road

People tend to view the learning of a task like looking at a pyramid, at the bottom is the many, the unskilled, the novices. And somewhere high at the top of the mountain is the master. In my opinion this is a rather bleak view of life. Possibly it is this view of achievement that […]


Wing Tsun – Building Muscle Memory

Building skill is quite often the result of hundreds of hours or repetitious training in basic movements. We hear stories of famous athletes who train hours every day. This will make nearly anybody into a skilled practitioner who can truly focus in this way. Anybody who starts this way is bound to suffer disappointment because […]

Learning from the Ground Up

At Wing Tsun Arizona, Gilbert, you learn from the ground up, almost literally. We teach Wing Tsun footwork, followed by the hands. Hands and feet must be coordinated. In southern Chinese kung-fu, stance and footwork play a very important role. In learning an art like Wing Tsun, you will start with setting-up of the basic […]