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Movement skills, tactile skills

Movement skills Every student of any martial art must learn new movement skills.  Some martial arts are athletic in their approach. A student must stretch, strengthen, use calisthenics and aerobic exercise in addition to stances, kicks, long range punching, power exercises, jumping skills, tumbling skills and other athletic skills. WingTsun™ is less about high kicks, […]


Wing Tsun Kungfu Borrows Attacker’s Force

A man dressed in black jumps out of the dark area behind the shrub and reaches for your neck.  Your training kicks in and you step sideways, and he turns you as he grabs your shoulder.  You didn’t choose to turn in that manner.  He turned you, but it surprises him.  You lift a punch […]


Getting Power with Wing Tsun Techniques

Wing Tsun is completely different in its approach to getting power. For those immersed in another discipline, this statement is met with a lot of skepticism. It just seems easier to develop power using a person’s native power to hit or kick. Internal power has a mysterious ring to it. To clarify the reason for […]


Simplify Your Defense

One of the main attributes and principals coming out of your Wing Tsun training is “simplicity.” If you crowd your brain with too many techniques, especially if they come from different martial arts with different approaches and concepts, your defense is bound to be shaky at best in a street situation. If your repertoire is […]

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Confronted with Violence and your Footwork

Training in effective self-defense can be extremely important especially in the face of today’s extreme situations. Training on defending oneself should be as basic as health and obtaining food and water. You never know when you could be a victim of random violence today. It can happen in the best of neighborhoods. Self-defense training is […]

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Martial Arts Movement Intention

Many people wonder how to make movements automatic and reactive in developing their martial arts skills. I can understand disappointment if you practice all your basics regularly on your own and see little if any results. Besides increasing the repetitions, how are martial arts skills built? I will speak for Wing Tsun Kungfu since it […]

Beginner Kung-Fu Classes – Wing Tsun

Starting Saturday March 17 and every Saturday until April 7, you can learn Wing Tsun with other beginners for one-hour sessions, 10:00 am – 11:00 am. The location is at our school at 745 N. Gilbert Rd. #120, Gilbert, AZ 85234. Enroll at EventBrite : Beginner Kung-Fu Classes – Wing Tsun  -Sifu Keith Sonnenberg  


The long road

People tend to view the learning of a task like looking at a pyramid, at the bottom is the many, the unskilled, the novices. And somewhere high at the top of the mountain is the master. In my opinion this is a rather bleak view of life. Possibly it is this view of achievement that […]