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Wing Tsun in Defense and Attack

From the first few Wing Tsun lessons, you learn to move both hands at the same time, doing different tasks. We know that if you try to defend first, then attack, it is much too late. Your opponent’s next attack is already on the way! It is completely unrealistic to consider the defend-then-attack scenario. We […]

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Everything has a Purpose

Wing Tsun is an old martial art, the creator(s) of which which reduced the number of movements of the old Shaolin systems to create a new system. Relatively fewer representative techniques remain within Wing Tsun forms to preserve them and allow you, a practitioner, to access the roots and intentions of the founders. Unlike other […]

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Mind and Body Coordination

The first form, called the Little Idea Form, teaches one hand at a time, standing in one place. The second section of the form teaches two hands at a time doing the same technique. The third section of the form uses more complex movements using one hand at a time. The whole set of movements, […]



Many people who enter training in a martial art in today’s America take it as a lark. They want to brag to their friends that they “take kung-fu” or they “take karate.” In ancient times the real purpose was to defend oneself as a soldier or to survive in violent times. Very seldom was there […]


September Labor Day Special

The September – Labor Day Special starts NOW! The offer is one introductory month of unlimited classes for $55.00 (1/2 off reg. rate for unlimited classes). The way to get this special offer is to fill out the form on our web site at https://wingtsunaz.com/trial-lesson/.  The offer is not available by phone. Request a trial […]

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Commitment, Sacrifice, Procrastination

“When will my life situation, i.e., schedule, money, living conditions be “perfect” enough to study WingTsun™?” The answer: NEVER. Life is never perfect. And if we wait until things are perfect, we will look back in regret at things never achieved. Procrastination is something we’ve all been guilty of but have you ever regretted pursuing […]


Come What May – Wing Tsun™

Part of the philosophy of WingTsun training and follow through in a real self-defense situation is sort of a present moment outlook which is that we focus on what we are doing now, not what just occurred and not what might occur in the next few minutes, or hours, days, weeks or even longer. This […]

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How are Your Reflexes?

Have you ever dropped something and failed to catch it? Probably everybody has at one time or another. However, if you are a student of Wing Tsun for long enough, you might notice yourself catching those fallen items a bit more often. The primary training that increases your reaction time is sticky hands, known in […]


Do You Have a Need for Speed?

Have you sparred with others in your martial arts school and seem to be outclassed in in speed, kicking abilities, and sheer strength? It doesn’t have to be a contest in athleticism. Everybody has natural gifts. Some people are fast. Some have explosive speed. Some can jump higher than others. Some spend a great deal […]

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Elbows: Their Role in Self-Defense

Wing Tsun applies five ranges in actual fights and self-defense. They are the kicking range, punching range, knees and elbows, anti-grappling, and ground. In an encounter, a Wing Tsun practitioner does not choose a range. The range is what is appropriate based on the attack. Elbow techniques are a close-range method of striking. If the […]