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Intention with SNT

Intention with SNT The mental and physical health benefits of regular WingTsun™ training go beyond heart rate, respiration, muscle tone and confidence.  The WingTsun system fits in with the characteristics of several other “internal” martial arts. Many internal martial arts spend a great deal of time developing the internal energy. This is a worthwhile pursuit…

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A Journey . . .

Many laypeople believe that a martial art is just for self defense. Others say “If you are so worried about somebody attacking you, why not carry a gun or stay out of bad neighborhoods.” Others believe that martial arts are some kind of cult, or “fight club.” Until you begin the training at a true […]

Thank you

Thank you I would like to thank all those that have clicked “like” on our Facebook Like button and have expressed confidence in our school.  I would also like to thank the great many who have contacted us recently with their interest in joining!  – Sifu Keith Sonnenberg Facebook             […]


Beginner workshop

Beginner workshop Sign up for the free Wing-Tsun-Arizona Meetup Group and keep posted for periodic workshops.       For this two-hour workshop, I will assume you have had no experience in martial arts.  We will cover the concept of this martial art, punching, upper and lower defenses, stance, footwork, concept of simultaneous defense and offense, breathing […]

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DEFENSE, OFFENSE Traditional martial arts by definition, stick to a time honored method to convey the full learning experience to a student.  Defending (blocking) is taught first.  This is the most frustrating aspect for a beginner.  This is not the glamorous thing he or she imagined. This kind of practice does not release the frustrations […]


Dynamic book

Dynamic book I recommend the book Dynamic WingTsun Kung Fu by Grandmaster Leung Ting as a good beginner book, especially for those who want to see where the basic training leads, even beyond the famous chi sau techniques.  There are many photos, basic diagrams for hand technique and floor diagrams for footwork, drawings, mottos and […]

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Time and Place

Time and Place It is said that WingTsun™ can be used at “any time and any place.”  It is true. WingTsun techniques or its principals can be used at any time or any place. One does not have to get into a low stance first or even draw the hand back for a full long […]