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Wing Tsun Kuen

Wing Tsun Kuen The 324 page hard cover book “Wing Tsun Kuen” by Leung Ting, 10th Level M.O.C. is probably what helped make Leung Ting WingTsun® so famous world-wide. Its author had to follow-up by teaching in countries all over the world! It has been published in English, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, German, Slavonic, Hungarian, […]


Learning Chinese Culture

Learning Chinese Culture One fact that is not often brought up in martial arts circles is that many traditional people from the martial art country of origin believe that western people cannot truly learn the martial arts from their country because they do not understand their culture.  It is believed by them particularly because western […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Photo: Sifu Keith Sonnenberg presenting Sifu John Brusstar with a Dragon calligraphy scroll on his birthday in the Year of the Dragon, 2012. Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year! Today, January 23, 2012, starts the Year of the Dragon.  The most famous martial artist born in the year of the Dragon is Bruce […]

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Just the WingTsun™ basics

Just the WingTsun™ basics If you want better health and fitness, you can practice just the WingTsun™ basics by repeating the “Little Idea Form,” the single punches with wrist circle, the turning stance, the advancing steps and basic drills from Student Grade One.  Also included in this are the circle step drills and the wrist […]


The WingTsun™ Stance

The WingTsun™ Stance The story of simplicity in the Leung Ting WingTsun® system continues with the adduction stance also referred to as the Character Two Adduction Stance.  It is so-named because if you draw a line between the toes and another line between the heels in this stance, this formation is the Chinese character for […]


Begin with a little idea

Begin with a little idea WingTsun™ begins with a set of movements called Siu Nim Tau. This name translates as Little Idea Form. The first third of this set of movements is done slowly. Learning how to move patiently and slowly through a set of movements over several minutes challenges many new students. It is […]


Review of the movie The Prodigal Son

Review of the movie The Prodigal Son As one of the first theatrical productions to feature Wing Tsun (Wing Chun) as a martial art, the movie won the 1983 Best Action Choreography at the Hong Kong Film Awards and was nominated for best picture and best director. Herewith is my review of the movie The […]

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Your attacker’s force

Your attacker’s force A key thing to remember if you are ever assaulted is to slow the attacker down. An attacker depends on the element of surprise to be successful and so he will likely act suddenly and fast. One way to do this is to plant the bottom of your foot on his knee […]

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Wrist circling

Wrist circling An observer may note that WingTsun™ practitioners repeat the circling of the wrist numerous times during the course of practicing a WingTsun form (kuen). Is this just an obsession? No it is not. The founder must have thought that this was an important practice and it is. In fact it is has been […]