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Circling step

Circling step One of the first techniques that WingTsun™ students learn is the circling step. By itself, the circling step seems like a meaningless exercise.  However, the act of circling one’s leg around an oncoming attacker’s leg makes good sense when you see how it is used. Your leg makes a tight circle around an attacker’s […]


Narrow it down

Narrow it down You can learn to punch. You can learn to kick. Fine. What, then, are you actually doing when you punch or when you kick? What is the range? What is the purpose? When you punch or kick air, you are practicing the flight path and the energy of the movement. In Wing […]


My belated review of the movie Ip Man

My belated review of the movie IP MAN I saw the movie Ip Man quite a while ago in late 2009 and yet here is my belated review of the movie IP MAN. The movie was released in Hong Kong in 2008. A movie about WingTsun (wing chun) like this has been a long time […]


Centerline . . .

Centerline . . . Start with an advantage.  The Leung Ting WingTsun® system does.  We find the shortest distance between two points so that we always control the shortest distance to our target. That distance of course, is a straight line.  In the WingTsun™ system, the line is called the centerline and forms the line […]

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MUSCLE CONTROL Learning to control one’s muscles is one of the most important benefits of WingTsun™ training. Through consistent and repetitive training, both with and without a partner, success in learning techniques can be achieved. Through repetition, the mind and body can unify. There is no real substitute for repetition. Your mind and body develops […]


Sun Tzu and WingTsun™

Sun Tzu and WingTsun™ Grandmaster Leung Ting is a follower of the ancient wisdom of General Sun Tzu, 6th Century BC China and the author of the book The Art of War.  His writings have been required reading at many U.S. military academies.  Note the parallel to WingTsun concepts in this quote by Sun Tzu:



WINGTSUN™ WORKING In order to defeat an attacker, Wing Tsun students have to train to do something at odds with one’s natural inclinations and that is to use no resistance at all in an attack. The attacker expects resistance but gets none. What he gets is empty space or what GGM Leung Ting calls a […]