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Basic Skills Taught Here

Basic Skills Taught Here

We do not jump past or ignore basic skills training at Wing Tsun Arizona. Both men and women are taught the basic skills needed for self-defense and to enjoy the training. It is also very important for a student’s future abilities in learning the more glamorous aspects of the martial art of Wing Tsun. By glamorous, we mean the Sticky Hands and Wooden Dummy skills. Sooooo…

Explosive hands practice starts early with close range movements. You start moving your open hand or fist from zero to 40 miles per hour in a tiny fraction of a second in different types of drills. For this to work, it is important to take the relaxation concept of the first form seriously. Do the form slowly and gradually let the tension go in each upper body part, arms, shoulders, neck.

The first form itself has a representation of this practice with the single sun thrusting punch. At first a student does not feel much speed or power coming from the punch. However repetition of this punch results in a dramatic improvement in the development of the fast-twitch muscle fibers similar to the way sprinters develop their speed off the blocks.

Wing Tsun kicks are simple and direct. Without an effective, straight-line kick, effective self defense would be hit and miss. Wing Tsun starts with the circle steps and advancing steps which, to a Wing Tsun practitioner, are just low kicks. After that the knee up movement is practiced, then the straight and level kick, not above the waist. Along with the kick, we teach balance on a single leg and balance on a single leg while doing the Siu Nim Tau form!

Balance is imperative so that a defender does not immediately end up on the ground in an attack. Falling to the ground is just a failure of balance and footwork or a successful surprise attack, possibly not being fully aware of one’s surroundings. For that Wing Tsun has remedial defenses.

To help the cause of proper balance, posture is important. The first form teaches us posture. Keep the head and eyes level. Keep the spine straight by tucking the hips under and let the stomach drop back toward the spine. Breathe low in the abdomen.

As you can tell, Wing Tsun practice is more than just fighting by far.