The first form, called the Little Idea Form, teaches one hand at a time, standing in one place. The second section of the form teaches two hands at a time doing the same technique. The third section of the form uses more complex movements using one hand at a time. The whole set of movements, all three sections are performed standing in one place.
The second form adds in mobile footwork and two hands doing two different tasks. It contains elements of multiple attacker skills training. It also contains three different kicking methods.

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Many people who enter training in a martial art in today’s America take it as a lark. They want to brag to their friends that they “take kung-fu” or they “take karate.” In ancient times the real purpose was to defend oneself as a soldier or to survive in violent times. Very seldom was there a situation where a student walked into a school of martial arts to start their training. More often, a family member or a friend of a friend recommended an instructor. Instruction might have taken place behind closed doors. An instructor kept an eye on their new student for at least several months to see if they had what it takes and that their student would not bring dishonor to their martial arts family.

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The September – Labor Day Special starts NOW! The offer is one introductory month of unlimited classes for $55.00 (1/2 off reg. rate for unlimited classes). The way to get this special offer is to fill out the form on our web site at  The offer is not available by phone.

Request a trial lesson. Arrive at the time we schedule you which will be Monday, Tuesday or Thursday at 6:15 pm. Pay the $25 for the trial lesson in cash or check. If you like it. you pay the balance of $30 for the rest of the month! This offer expires Thursday September 27.

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“When will my life situation, i.e., schedule, money, living conditions be “perfect” enough to study WingTsun™?” The answer: NEVER. Life is never perfect. And if we wait until things are perfect, we will look back in regret at things never achieved. Procrastination is something we’ve all been guilty of but have you ever regretted pursuing something worthwhile? Of course not.

The above words, “commitment and sacrifice” are spoken in the context of competitive sports a lot in contemporary America.  However, in the greed-driven world of professional sports, the words can sound hollow.  “Sacrifice indeed. That player makes a million or more dollars per year,” you say. True. That player sacrificed but he received a huge monetary reward. What the player received in personal satisfaction, probably only the player knows for sure.

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Part of the philosophy of WingTsun training and follow through in a real self-defense situation is sort of a present moment outlook which is that we focus on what we are doing now, not what just occurred and not what might occur in the next few minutes, or hours, days, weeks or even longer. This doesn’t mean we cannot have a goal.  However, we cannot let our mind drift and get torn away from our focus on the present moment. Our goal will be realized when it is and not before.

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Have you ever dropped something and failed to catch it? Probably everybody has at one time or another. However, if you are a student of Wing Tsun for long enough, you might notice yourself catching those fallen items a bit more often.

The primary training that increases your reaction time is sticky hands, known in Wing Tsun circles as “chi sau.” Chi sau is pretty much confined to the art founded by Yim Wing Tsun. However, we do not know if sticky hands were a part of her repertoire. There are other Chinese martial arts that have similar drills, but it is most highly developed in the later years of the art.

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Have you sparred with others in your martial arts school and seem to be outclassed in in speed, kicking abilities, and sheer strength? It doesn’t have to be a contest in athleticism. Everybody has natural gifts. Some people are fast. Some have explosive speed. Some can jump higher than others. Some spend a great deal of time lifting weights.

It is often unrealistic to consider beating a gifted individual at their own game. Smart instructors will suggest that you do not “play their game.” Their game is usually a way to mesmerize you with techniques that always work for them. The solution is to play your own game. The question that arises then is, What IS your game?

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Wing Tsun applies five ranges in actual fights and self-defense. They are the kicking range, punching range, knees and elbows, anti-grappling, and ground. In an encounter, a Wing Tsun practitioner does not choose a range. The range is what is appropriate based on the attack. Elbow techniques are a close-range method of striking.

If the attack starts at kicking range, a Wing Tsun practitioner might have to kick. If the attacker retreats or dodges after a kick, the kick is often followed up with a step and a series of punches. If the attacker tries to close-in, knees or elbows might be used.

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Our morning classes are now 1/2 hours earlier! The time will be 6:00 am – 7:00 am starting Monday July 9, 2018 so you can now, get in a Wing Tsun class before your work day starts! The idea is to accommodate those who have full schedules in the evening hours and cannot normally attend our evening classes. In addition, morning is a great time to have a practice or a workout according to experts in the field of physical fitness.

The class is being offered initially with the purchase a Pre-Paid Tuition card, normally priced at $130 for 10 classes. For this morning class, 5-classes will be $45 and 10-classes will be $80. If you wish to try a class before purchasing the card, you may try a one-on-one trial lesson for $25.00. We will take the $25 off the purchase of a pre-paid card if you decide to go forward with your training.

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*Official uniform available online. Internet price approximately $115 for shoes, trousers, t-shirt. Must join the IWTA-NAS within 30 days of your first regular class. Cost is @ $60 per year, pro-rated to December 31, 2018. CASH or CHECK only. Offer not valid for clients active within the past 12 months.