The martial arts stretching methods we use are built-in to the Leung Ting WingTsun® system. The first stretching practice comes in the upper body stretching in the first form which is called Siu Nim Tau. Wing Tsun™ forms (kuen) are not used for performance purposes. They are intended for the student practitioner to improve him or herself.  

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Martial arts workouts vary with the style or system. Some use calisthenics such as push-ups, running in place, jumping jacks and so on, which are not, strictly speaking, martial arts. Others use rope skipping, bag hitting or use ancient martial arts implements. Martial arts workouts in Wing Tsun classes usually begin immediately with a session of Siu Nim Tau which is Wing Tsun’s first set of movements or a form. Most martial arts have ‘forms’ which are the dictionary of the style or system. Some styles have 9 or more forms. Some sophisticated Chinese styles with histories dating back several hundreds of years have up to fifty forms. Wing Tsun has three forms. The emphasis is on skill building for self- defense and so each movement in the forms have multiple applications.

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Martial arts exercises are a big step up in what the body requires for health over just doing repetitive exercise programs involving calisthenics, weight lifting, walking, running, etc. Martial arts movement requires a mind-body commitment and connection and there is a big payoff. There is less boredom when one’s program is varied. Also, recent research has indicated that different speeds and different movements within a session have a more beneficial effect on overall fitness.

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You Feel it in Your Joints

There has never been a better time to consider starting an exercise program. Our Wing Tsun classes are all-in-one personal maintenance programs. You will learn amazing self-defense, physical fitness, mental focus and joint health.

As the weather gets chilly and the air gets moist, some of us feel the joint pressure, especially with El Niño bearing down on us from the Pacific.

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Self Defense Against Punches, Kicks, and Grabs are all Addressed

Our classes in Wing Tsun™ kung-fu cover all types of attacks. Self defense against punches, kicks, grabs, are all addressed. Wing Tsun addresses five different ranges: kicking, punching, elbows-knees, anti-grappling, and ground. Our special topics classes emphasis certain categories of attacks such as weapons and grappling attacks in order to give students more time and focus on the topic of the month. Students learn how the Wing Tsun ideas are applied in actual situations, in timing, power, neutralizing attacker’s force, footwork and each and every technical and emotional aspect.

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Wing Tsun in Daily Life

You cannot ignore the obvious that WingTsun is a self-defense system… it’s great to know it when you need it but some may ask “When am I ever going to use these techniques in daily life?”

Answer: Everyday

You can use Wing Tsun in daily life. However, can you use these self defense movements unless you live on the streets and life is a daily survival lesson?

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Learn basic form and correct breathing with training in Wing Tsun kung fu. The basic form, Siu Nim Tau has a breathing method which calms you. The slow movements create a calm demeanor and builds balance in the body by slowing things down, both mentally and physically.  This is a big advantage in our fast paced, computerized society. The Siu Nim Tau teaches the basic movements from which come the self-defense ideas and methods.  Once the movements are learned, the breathing can commence!

You can enhance your experience with the form by combining it with correct breathing:  First think of your upper body as a big vessel such as a jar.  Then imagine it being filled with water as you breath in through the nose.  Let your abdomen swell up first as though it were being filled with water.  This goes contrary to our cultural resistance to a ‘fat belly’ but this gives your abdominal wall some stretching and strengthening.  It also causes your diaphragm which is under the lungs, to drop down making more room for air in the lungs. This is part of a well-known diaphragm strengthening exercise. Then let the chest fill up with ‘water’ (air) so that your entire torso seems filled up.  After you draw air in, let it out slowly through the mouth. Repeat this breath cycle at least three times each time your hand moves in and out with the tan sau, fook sau and wu sau movements characteristic of the Siu Nim Tau form.  The breathing will serve to focus the mind, enhance your over-all health, contribute to breath-control during exercise and condition your respiration activity.

– Keith Sonnenberg, Sifu

Instant Reactions in Leung Ting WingTsun®

WingTsun’s little idea is simple. React instantly to attack and use the straight-line to the target. Move “according to how the opponent moves.” To do this, one must train the footwork and cause the feet to spring to life and shoot inward toward the attacker like an arrow released from a bow.

As the photos illustrate, when an attack begins, get to the target first, before your attacker can change course. It is a simple matter of timing but also confidence. Training is the key. Instructors always call Wing Tsun ‘simple.’ It is not necessarily always simple to master but the “little idea” (Siu Nim Tau, the first form, translates as “the little idea form”) is a simple idea.

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Wing Tsun: Original Self-Defense

WingTsun™ is the martial art that has not changed to a sporting event in modern times. It is not a spectator sport. It is designed to be more efficient and able to use the force of an attacker against them while striking, punching and kicking. WingTsun has a step-by-step training system developed over a 300 year period since its inception when legend says it was developed by a woman from earlier Siu Lam Monastery techniques. WingTsun also retains the health building breathing and joint exercise movements from the earlier times. Modern practitioners use WingTsun practice to stay active and healthy into old age.

Option for joint health

Health and medical authorities say that joint exercise may delay the onset of arthritis symptoms. Our Siu Nim Tau form of WingTsun kung-fu contains 23 wrist circles which, when done properly, also work the elbow and the shoulder. Our turning stance gently works the ankles and knees. Our postures work against the excessive lower back curvatures.