Mindfulness in WingTsun training

It seems obvious that learning a martial art requires one to “pay attention” when training.  However in a martial art, many techniques require repetitive training, that is, many repetitions of the same movement. In this situation, many people have trouble maintaining focus. The trouble usually lies with our busy lifestyles.  Many people are not accustomed to being alone with their own thoughts for periods longer than a few minutes! If they are not speaking with somebody, they are listening to a radio, a television or on a cell phone. These passive forms of distraction are actually harmful in the long term if not balanced with an appropriate amount of time using one’s own brain in an active way. The mindfulness taught in WingTsun is also a form of training in the mediation of Chuan (Zen) Buddhism. It is no coincidence that WingTsun was developed in China, a country with many Buddhists. However WingTsun became separate from the practice of the ancient religions of China after the burning of the Siu Lam Monastery. After that, WingTsun was passed down in a narrow line to various secular successors over its 300 year old history.


The Siu Nim Tau form is WingTsun’s way to train a beginner to become more mindful of the training. In other words, it is important to pay attention to the performance of techniques and therefore it is important to train this mindfulness at least once per day in the Siu Nim Tau form. It is hoped that the lessons learned in doing the Siu Nim Tau form will transfer to the rest of the student’s WingTsun training.

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WingTsun™ Kup Jarn

Kup Jarn is a downward smashing elbow technique from WingTsun’s third form called Biu Tze  (thrusting fingers form). The form contains several advanced elbow techniques. 

The strike is with the point of the elbow while sticking to the attacker and borrowing his force.


Sticky hands

In learning #chi sau, the WingTsun™ student learns the most unique and coveted of martial arts skills. Sometimes called “sticky hands,” the student is trained to “stick” to the arms of one’s opponent. In this way a practitioner’s hands can receive important information about your attacker’s balance, position, his telegraphed intentions, his flexibility or rigidity.

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WingTsun™ Sut Sau

The WingTsun Sut Sau technique is a special method of attacking the neck with the open hand.  It is taught in the third Wing Tsun form called Biu Tze (thrusting fingers form).  It is executed like a Biu Tze sau hand technique except that the strike is with the edge of the hand.


WingTsun™ is a way to Functional Fitness

Do you have trouble jumping onto the treadmill and hoofing it for 30 minutes?  Do you have trouble dropping to the floor and doing 20 push-ups?  How about ten arm curls with each arm with a 25 pound dumbbell on a Sunday afternoon?  Would you feel strange or afraid stepping onto a floor with a lot of screaming dudes in white uniforms lunge punching with blood-curdling intensity?

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Good posture with Wing Tsun™ Kung Fu

Wing Tsun kung fu training promotes good posture as a function of self-defense but, possibly due to its heritage in southern Shaolin kung-fu, also for health reasons.  This article at the Mayo clinic web site depicts in a slide show, some good tips to keep posture correct day to day:  Prevent back pain with good posture.

Another good link: The harm of what looking down at your cellphone does to your spine

What to expect at your first WingTsun™ Kung Fu class…

Our WingTsun trial classes are individualized.  No previous experience is necessary.  Come dressed in regular workout clothes: long trousers, white t-shirt and athletic shoes.

We want to find out what your goals and interests are in learning a martial art like WingTsun and want to help you achieve them starting now and in future classes and have fun doing it!

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Women and WingTsun™ Kung Fu

Many women think they don’t have a chance against a man in a violent confrontation so some say “why bother.” Actually women have an excellent chance of defending themselves; equal to men, if they get the proper training.

A woman has just as much leg strength as a man pound for pound.

A woman is capable of great speed

A woman has less investment in an ego to protect regarding strength which is not an emphasis in WingTsun™ training.  In fact, it is important that strength not be used.

       It is important that a student can learn to give up the use of strength in self-defense in order to defend

       against any and all adversaries.

A woman is normally more flexible than a man.

A woman is practical.

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