Wing Tsun Arizona just heard yesterday the announcement from the governor about the closure of gyms, among other types of businesses. This will affect the opening of our classes. The extent that it will affect our classes is not yet known. We will be keeping you updated.

Si-fu Keith Sonnenberg

We check the COVID-19 Arizona infection rate often with the Arizona Department of Health Services web site.
When we open, we will have a few procedures in place.
Since early this month, some trends are downward.
Since Arizona just started weekend-only mass testing a short while ago, the statistics from the news media are confusing. Sometimes their fine print is clarifying. The AZDHC site is a better reference.

  • One is social distancing – six feet.
  • We will have the optional use of masks.
  • Another is the use of additional fans at one end of the training area.
  • We will be taking no-touch temperatures for new students and one time only for people starting back.
  • We will have a no-touch policy for this phase of re-opening with areas marked off for a student limit of seven people on the floor. There will be no sticky hands or fighting drills at first that involve a partner. Solo drills only.

Thank you,
-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

Here is probably a partial list of ways Wing Tsun can help you deal with outside stress.

  • Wing Tsun training starts with the slow movements of the first set of movements called Siu Nim Tau. It involves focusing on a “little idea” which means getting rid of negativity, irrelevant thoughts, and focus on the present moment.
  • When the rest of the world and your own life seems to make no sense, the approach of Wing Tsun is entirely logical. It is your chance to get centered and help with your other pursuits.
  • Classes allow you to forget the outside world, even for a little while.
  • Wing Tsun movements help you get your body in healthy shape. You feel better.
  • Our classes involve no politics or religious ideas.

Besides just combat and self-defense training, a true martial art can hardly be called an “art” unless there are aspects that involve perfecting your body’s movements. The art of Wing Tsun starts in simple actions based on the first Wing Tsun set of movements. They are called the little idea form. The name refers to the basic ideas presented. The movement have ideas behind them – profound ideas that help you perfect your skills. A representative movement is in the form for everything that comes later.

One set of techniques are hard to illustrate in a photo. They are the breathing method that relieves stress and anxiety. This type of breathing is common to other disciplines. However, in Wing Tsun, the breathing is done during the slow movements of the first third of the form. In one set of movements you have several things going on at one time. This is to prepare you for the training ahead.

You can feel the difference after you have completed the form. It sets you up for a class. It is important to dispel any stress and anxiety you may feel at the beginning of a class so that you can learn a certain number of abstract ideas and perform well. This is a practice you will want  to incorporate into your daily regimen and you might even use the breathing ideas in your daily tasks.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you would like to schedule a trial class. To your health and wellness.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

What is meant by “internal martial arts?” Generally, it refers to an emphasis on structure, breathing, and dealing with opposing forces to defend against an attack. In Wing Tsun, to strengthen the body, many joint exercises are represented in the three forms to unify the body as a coordinated whole. Structure, angles and in the case of Leung Ting WingTsun®, mobility are paramount issues in dealing with an attack. The development of the elastic qualities of the body are used to facilitate defense when encountering stronger forces. Read more

One can argue, in my estimation, that Wing Tsun is a form of athletics. It is a step-by-step training method to train the muscles to react in a flexible way to defend against attack. It can be a form of athletics without being a sport, however.

To be a sport, it would have to have rules. Wing Tsun does not have anything called a rule.* It does, however, have movement principals. All the fine skills in small muscle groups must be trained. You cannot expect a muscle to react like you want it to without repeated practice.

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Many programs offer possible solutions to stress and correcting health issues but not all solutions are suitable for all people. Many self-defense programs offer no solutions at all. WingTsun™ offers the Siu Nim Tau set which is a series of movements done while standing. Siu Nim Tau is a relatively gentle series of movements, the first section of which is done very slowly. It involves a light meditative focus and a breathing component that can be escalated or left as a gentle, natural breathing. The advantage of this form of stress reduction is that it can be done in most any location. It has a small ‘footprint’ which does not require a large amount of space. It does not require sitting or lying on a floor and is a suitable form of training for an aspiring beginner martial artist. The movements have definite self-defense applications which are taught in subsequent classes.

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One can enter into martial arts training and learn a series of movements only, or one can enter into training and understand what those movements mean beyond function and structure. If you are lucky enough to be in a martial art that has a traceable lineage and a story behind its creation, even better. The history of a martial art is often the clue as to whether the movements have a practical benefit. All martial arts are not created equal.

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Wing Tsun in Daily Life

You cannot ignore the obvious that WingTsun is a self-defense system… it’s great to know it when you need it but some may ask “When am I ever going to use these techniques in daily life?”

Answer: Everyday

You can use Wing Tsun in daily life. However, can you use these self defense movements unless you live on the streets and life is a daily survival lesson?

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Your insides

If you find your insides need attention and find yourself at the beck and call of something other than your personal well being twenty-four-seven, you might consider that your insides, a.k.a. your health and mental peace might be important too. It is not just about what you deserve. It is about what you must have to be fully human. WingTsun™ offers a constructive reason to get away for a few evenings a week to better yourself.

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