One-on-One training in Wing Tsun, usually obtained through scheduling a private lesson, is important for some interesting reasons:

A patient instructor can see difficulties in your form from different angles and suggest ways to practice it or drills to correct it. This is important for beginners or advanced students.

In arm on arm and leg contact training, an instructor can slow it down and occasionally be the “dummy,” allowing you to score a hit to see what that feels like instead of always being stymied by a fellow student who is hard to work with or a partner that will never let you score a hit, even if he doesn’t follow the drill or the skill level. This doesn’t mean that pairing with many different partners is useless. Once certain skills have been learned well, it is important to test them against partners of various body types, tall, short, skinny, stocky.

A one-on-one training with an instructor can also be a time when you learn how to use your own size and level of strength or even skill to defend against those of great size and skill than you! After-all, this is the reason behind Wing Tsun’s development. In this kind of training, you learn how to get rid of preconceived ideas about how techniques “should work.” Wing Tsun is not frozen in its applications.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg