Chi Sau

Leung Ting WingTsun®, like all versions from the Yip Man lineage, has chi sau which was referred to as sticky hands 粘手  by Bruce Lee.  This is because this drill trains the hands to be “sticky.”  Grandmaster Leung Ting prefers the words “clinging arms.”  The classic Chinese term for the drill is chi sau which can mean “energy hands.”  The word “chi” has several different meanings in Chinese.

The chi sau programs in Leung Ting WingTsun® are extensive.  The programs are standardized within the Leung Ting WingTsun® family so that all of the students around the world will learn the same material and nothing will be left out.

In the Leung Ting system, chi sau is not taught immediately to beginners.  Chi sau is considered a slightly advanced training program.  Rather, the highly practical footwork is taught first along with equally practical hand technique so that a beginner does not have to wait to learn something that is relatively simple and could save their life in the event of an assault.

That being said, the chi sau programs are intended to be templates for skill building a flexible application of the concepts within the training sections.

#Chisau skill enables a trainee to learn to read an attacker’s movements ahead of the full execution of the attack or as it happens in real time and to deflect it in real time as opposed to having to see the trajectory and guess at the power, direction of power, flexibility or rigidity of the arms or legs of the attacker…training can be done at high speed with a great deal of control and therefore, safety.  Once contact is made maintained, self-defense can occur in total darkness.

At Student Grade three, the single arm chi sau is taught and must be good to pass to Student Grade Four.

At Student Grade Four, the double arm chi sau drill known as “poon sau” is taught along with simple attacks and movements allowing changes in hand positions.

There are seven sections – training modules – of chi sau techniques taught to students from Student Grade 5 up through the Primary Level Technician (the first full instructor Level).  To reach Second Level Technician, the student must learn the last of these seven sections and the third form known as Biu Tze.

The chi sau training continues with sections for the Biu Tze form and the 116 wooden dummy techniques.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg