Close range effectiveness

Wing Tsun™ can be compared to other arts in a different way.  That way is the distance at which we engage our attacker.  Wing Tsun is, by design, a very close  punching, striking and kicking martial art, much closer than other martial arts commonly taught all over the western world and on every street corner.  The repertoire of the close range methods and techniques in Wing Tsun is complete:  close-range low kicking and sweeping, knees, elbows, special close-range punching, striking and take downs.  In Wing Tsun we believe this is where the fight really exists.  Surviving an attack in this circumstance is the most important and where a lot of martial arts programs do not have the right stuff.

Many martial arts close-range fighting programs involve heavy emphasis on grappling and encourage a defender to go to the ground. That is fine as far as it goes.  Who knows?  Maybe you’re attacker will manage to take you down.  It is also is great for sport and lots of fun on the gym mat but in the world outside with gravel, river rock, obstructions, broken glass, and so on, the last thing you want to do is to go to the ground.  Your attacker’s friends then have the opportunity to kick you in the head or climb on. Add to that, if your aggressors are much heavier and bigger that you – well you get the idea.

Wing Tsun starts with a little idea, burned into its DNA, that you do not want to go to the ground and so to remain standing is paramount.  Wing Tsun’s narrow stances and short steps enable the close range techniques and facilitate maneuvering around obstructions.

Finally, Wing Tsun, a realistic self defense system, does not ignore the bad situations and so it has many ways of dealing with an attack should you fall or be taken to the ground by an aggressor.

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