Part of the philosophy of WingTsun training and follow through in a real self-defense situation is sort of a present moment outlook which is that we focus on what we are doing now, not what just occurred and not what might occur in the next few minutes, or hours, days, weeks or even longer. This doesn’t mean we cannot have a goal.  However, we cannot let our mind drift and get torn away from our focus on the present moment. Our goal will be realized when it is and not before.

The ancient Buddhist monks had a meditation technique to learn this. They would sit starring a wall for hours and hours concentrating on a spot or a symbol. When somebody’s mind would drift, the head master would swat them. This is one purpose of a form like Siu Nim Tau. Siu Nim Tau with its slow movements in its first third is intended partly as mental training.

Thoughts about what just happened a moment ago (regrets) or concerns about what is about to happen are just imaginary things. What is happening now is real. If we just missed a punch coming at us, we can only do one thing:  mitigate any damage by using WingTsun’s extraordinary redundancy and do better – at this moment. The past is gone.

We can try to set up our attacker for our counter attacks, but nothing is guaranteed. If we focus on the now, the future will be better.

In practice and in follow through in a real self-defense situation, we cannot stop to regret a technique. If we pause for this, even mentally, our attacker will defeat us.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg