“When will my life situation, i.e., schedule, money, living conditions be “perfect” enough to study WingTsun™?” The answer: NEVER. Life is never perfect. And if we wait until things are perfect, we will look back in regret at things never achieved. Procrastination is something we’ve all been guilty of but have you ever regretted pursuing something worthwhile? Of course not.

The above words, “commitment and sacrifice” are spoken in the context of competitive sports a lot in contemporary America.  However, in the greed-driven world of professional sports, the words can sound hollow.  “Sacrifice indeed. That player makes a million or more dollars per year,” you say. True. That player sacrificed but he received a huge monetary reward. What the player received in personal satisfaction, probably only the player knows for sure.

In your personal world, is there sacrifice? Are you giving something up, so you can do something else that you consider important or more worthwhile? If you are luckier than more than 99% of the people and have infinite free time, you probably don’t have to sacrifice and can have everything your way and have everything you want. The rest of us, however, can only do and own so much.

If you list all the things that take up your time during a week, how many are just for you and your road to improving yourself in some way and how many are just for making money and then spending it on eating out, entertainment and bad habits? Can the game you play every week at a regular time be counted as “self-improvement?” Or is it just entertainment? There is certainly nothing wrong with entertainment. It is part of living but it is far from being the only important thing we do that is apart from making a living.

Can anything that you currently do during a typical week be counted as an exercise in self-improvement? “Yes,” you say? Great!

Now ask yourself, “Are any of these self-improvement activities allowing me to get meditation benefits, exercise, coordination training, muscle training, building self-confidence, and self-defense in an organized step-by-step program monitored by professionals with years of experience in one program and for about $120 per month or less? What’s that you say? Your dates for October cost you $350? Your dinners out cost you $90? Your gym membership costs you $50 and you don’t go anymore (nobody monitors your progress like they did at first)?

Nobody can tell you what to do with your time. You are free to use it or waste it as you see fit. However, life is short. One day you are 20-something and partying all the time and the next time you think about it, you’re middle aged. When you are 50, will you be too overweight to take a walk down the street or play a game of catch with your kid? Will you have lung cancer because of a bad habit or will you have diabetes? Will you be walking out of your house when you are 45 and be too foggy of mind to notice the bad guy about to rob you and ransack your house, get knocked unconscious and end up with medical bills into the foreseeable future not to mention pain and suffering and years of recovery (it’s not like TV)?

So how much of a “sacrifice” is a few hours a week of WingTsun™ training when the picture is clear like above? What do you have to tell your spouse, your significant other, your boss, etc. about how important your WingTsun™ kung fu training is? If you are valued at your job, valued as a spouse, or valued as a significant other, they should understand your need to remain happy, healthy, physically fit, able to defend yourself and defend your family. Only you can convince them of this. If they need further convincing that what you are doing is not merely an entertaining distraction, bring them down and let them watch what you do. Get them involved. WingTsun™ is not Bruce Lee movies, Chuck Norris TV shows, or your Walter Mitty adventure. It is life.


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