Corporate Self-Defense Seminars
Coming Soon!

More and more companies and major corporations are investing in their employee’s well-being. They are incorporating self-defense training for employees into their employee wellness programs. Their employees are their best asset, and they want to improve safety and therefore, well-being. When their employees feel safe, they get better productivity from a healthy and comfortable staff. They are taking the steps to improve their workforce!

Part of essential and needed educational and training and wellness programs are self-defense and awareness.


Such programs enhance:

  • The feelings of safety among employees.
  • Empowerment to prevent workplace violence
  • Verbal conflict resolution and de-escalation skills
  • Assertiveness, not aggression
  • The ability to think on their feet
  • Knowledge to fight fears
  • With knowledge, they can relieve stress.

We can offer a seminar in a 2-hour format or a one-hour lunch and learn presentation.


What your employees will learn in a two-hour seminar:

  • Awareness skills, themselves, and others
  • Pre-conflict skills
  • Understanding their surroundings
  • They learn the physical self-defense skills, the mechanics, and when and how they should be used.