Does self defense take a long time to learn?


Does self defense take a long time to learn? It depends on you. If it does take you a long time to learn to defend yourself, what is the alternative? Do you wish to trust your future health and safety to luck or do you want to steer your own course?

Is it expensive to learn martial arts and self-defense?

It is far less expensive than many bad habits that people have and keep.

Martial arts training won’t stop a bullet will it?

No, and few things will. Even a bullet proof vest has limitations and needs to be worn at the time you need it, the same as another firearm. Your empty hands are the most available weapon when the attack is on its way. If your hands, your elbows, knees, and feet are trained to respond with confidence, even if it is just to run quickly and hide, or get cut by a blade in the process of saving your life or that of a loved one, this is self-defense.

Self-defense training makes you aware of your own vulnerabilities and you normally find ways to counter those vulnerabilities. You begin to think about the world around you and take precautions for your personal safety like you never have previously.

You learn balance, focus, tactile senses, and your body language senses become second nature.

Try a class at no charge. We think you’ll understand how basic and valuable this kind of training can be and not just for self-defense.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg