Dynamic book

I recommend the book Dynamic WingTsun Kung Fu by Grandmaster Leung Ting as a good beginner book, especially for those who want to see where the basic training leads, even beyond the famous chi sau techniques.  There are many photos, basic diagrams for hand technique and floor diagrams for footwork, drawings, mottos and principals explained that help reinforce true WingTsun™ principals and your training at classes.

The title does say “Teach Yourself Dynamic WingTsun Kung Fu.” However most instructors will say that learning WingTsun can only be done correctly under the guidance of a qualified WingTsun instructor.  This is certainly true of chi sau techniques which are not a part of this particular book.  The tactile chi sau skills of a qualified instructor are absolutely necessary to learn chi sau which is the core of WingTsun.  In this book, after the basic technique training sections, the book focuses on the actual physical fighting techniques and they are numerous.  They could be of great benefit to any lineage and can be applied by highly motivated martial artists who have some acquaintance with Leung Ting WingTsun® or even those martial artists of another lineage.  The book has an organized training routine for a fighter or would-be fighter as well as applied technique instructions for contact sport fighting.  In addition, the book has a great deal to offer more advanced students of WingTsun. It contains some applications of techniques only taught to 2nd Level Technician instructors.

The book, written by Grandmaster Leung Ting, has a motto: the “Philosophy of the Poisonous Snake.” The different culture in which WingTsun was developed is apparent in the writing since animals have different meanings and standing in the Asian cultures than they do in the west. Snakes in western culture usually symbolize evil. In the Chinese culture, the snake is represents “chi” or internal energy and is one of the animals emulated in the Five Animal Shaolin Kung Fu systems. Quoting from the book:  “A real WingTsun practitioner should always imagine himself to be a poisonous snake—some one provokes you but if you think it is not necessary to fight back, you keep silent or leave him alone.  Seeing no reaction from you, he probably stop irritating you. However, if you feel you can’t avoid a fight, then don’t hesitate, but initiate an attack as fast as you can with an aim to defeat him totally!”

I consider Dynamic WingTsun Kung fu a “must have.”

Available from: Wing Lam Ent.