May I watch a class?

Yes, you may watch a class. You may come and watch more than once if you like.

What do I need to know to take a trial class?

Just fill out the web form on our trial class / appointment page and we will contact you for an appointment. Trial lessons are generally scheduled early in the week before our first class at 7 pm. Bring work-out pants, t-shirt and sneakers.

Can I just speak to an instructor before taking a trial lesson?

Yes. However, if the instructor is teaching a class, you will have to wait until class is finished to ask most questions. You can also request an appointment on the same web form as a trial lesson.

Does your school teach ground-fighting?

We have special, optional classes in applying Wing Tsun techniques in certain situations such as fighting on the ground, dealing with weapon attacks, dealing with grappling, and others. Dealing with being pushed to the ground and the responses to use are incorporated in regular classes.

Does Wing Tsun ever use ground fighting techniques or joint locks?

As a fifth range of fighting yes. Prolonged ground fighting and joints locks are not specialties of Wing Tsun. We do not spend five minute rounds or until a tap-out in ground fighting. Wing Tsun is focused on ending the fight as soon as possible. In real self-defense, a long fight is dangerous since your attacker’s friends can come and attack you from behind. It is best to leave the scene as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

How effective is Wing Tsun in real life self-defense?

Below link is to the EWTO web site with quotes from high raking martial artists attesting to its effectiveness:


Do people get injured in Wing Tsun practice?

Nobody can guarantee injury-free practice. However our injury rate is very low. Joint locks are a very minor, part of our curriculum.

Is Wing Tsun the same as Wing Chun?

Wing Tsun comes from the same place as Wing Chun. It is the Leung Ting lineage through late Grandmaster Yip Man. We teach the three forms and wooden dummy techniques and sticky hands. Leung Ting WingTsun® has a more organized teaching system with twelve student grades and twelve instructor levels. Very advanced students will learn the double knives and the long pole. It is very difficult from watching Wing Tsun movements what those differences are since the differences are technical.

Do you teach children?

We teach kids 14 years old and up. We find that this is the age that kids are mature enough to appreciate the small, economical movements of Wing Tsun which are designed to use the force of an attacker against them. Exceptions are possible on a case by case basis. The child must be patient and able to focus during a whole class. They also must be very motivated to learn kungfu as it is challenging.

What does it cost?

Our personalized training is nothing like joining a gym where you often get very little if any guidance without paying for a personal trainer. Our rates are extremely reasonable at $70-$110 per month depending on the plan. We accept cash or check. No credit cards currently. Chandler-Gilbert CC and Mesa CC college students can get a discount with valid ID card. Inquire.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. In addition to tuition, there is a required uniform and annual membership fee in our association. After several months, you should be ready for rank testing.  In Wing Tsun there are 12 student rank levels.  Rank test fees range from $25 to $40 for beginner levels. The uniform prices can be found at. https://www.wle.com/store/wingtsununiforms.html . We can help you with sizing. The membership is $60 per calendar year, prorated.

Will I get tossed around or thrown into combat when I start lessons?

No. New students are not ready for fighting practice. It would be dangerous, and counter productive to a new student’s learning. Basic Wing Tsun fighting practice takes many months of training in footwork, hand drills, and skill building techniques. We strive to make the school a safe and fun learning environment for everyone. Contact drills are closely supervised and depend on the student’s rank grade. We do not try to injure each other, Learning self-defense requires a student to learn the basic training in the tools of self-defense; defending, punching, kicking, etc. Any classes that claim to teach hand-to-hand self-defense carry some degree of risk of injury and anybody that trains in a legitimate martial arts school will eventually get bruises. Special classes in realistic free-hand-fighting that involve a moderate step-up in contact are optional, and not required for beginner rank testing. If you have any concerns in regards to this feel free to ask an instructor at any time.

Is there sparring and tournaments?

Wing Tsun is a fighting /self-defense martial art. In self-defense, a fight should last several seconds. If it lasts longer, the defender might be in trouble. We have special classes in free-hand-fighting. It is not the same as point-sparring. Wing Tsun techniques do not mesh well with typical point-sparring matches of other styles. However, we aim to make our presence known at tournaments with demonstrations and support.

Can I lose weight with Wing Tsun training?

A good over-all workout is had by students in our classes in the process of learning and training the Wing Tsun routines and self-defense practice. Exercise is a recommended part of most weight- loss programs. However, science has indicated that diet is a greater factor than exercise in losing weight.