Free Wing Tsun Kung Fu Trial Class

Register now for a FREE Wing Tsun Kung Fu trial class. You can register by filling out the form on this site and even subscribing to our informative e-mails. We will call or e-mail you to set up a time.   You can unsubscribe at any time…

Our free Wing Tsun Kung Fu Trial class is by appointment and generally takes place on a Monday or Tuesday evening. Just arrive in a comfortable white t-shirt, dark trousers and standard athletic shoes. We will start class and then take you aside to explain the Wing Tsun concepts and show you the opening movements and their applications during the course of the hour long class. You will be shown the correct footwork, hand movements, defenses, and ideas behind the existence of a system so different from more common forms of martial arts offered in our community and the United States. After class we will explain our simple programs, costs, obligations, and so on. You can decided then or decide later. No pressure.

If, after the free Wing Tsun Kung Fu trial class, you feel you need more classes to decide, we have a one week of classes for twenty-five dollar offer.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg