Getting Over the Hump

The most difficult time is the beginning.  This is true in every athletic endeavor whether or not you are an athlete.

In WingTsun™ the techniques are not what you see in most movies.  Good thing too because most ordinary mortals cannot do the jumps, the high kicks or time the delivery of multiple kicks at several different oncoming attackers the way you see it in movies!  The kind of skill we see depicted in the kung-fu movies is attained only through several years of specialized work in movie kung-fu tricks.

The first year of WingTsun training involves learning the real centerline and straight-line concepts of WingTsun through training in strikes and punches along the centerline and the footwork that enables a practitioner to use the force of an attacker against them.  In addition, the footwork, posture and stances work the core.  Basic self-defense techniques from the WingTsun forms that have common applications are also learned.

Getting through the first year and passing three or four ranks is getting over the hump.  By this time you’ll have the bigger picture.  You will have learned the ABCs of WingTsun.  This enables you to learn the WingTsun “chi sau” and after that, you will be hooked!