“Go from knowing nothing to knowing something.”

– Great Grandmaster Leung Ting

The above quote by GGM Leung Ting epitomizes the simple idea of Wing Tsun. Instead of trying to swallow a meal whole, it is best to take small bites. It is better to learn one thing very well and be known for it than to do a lot of things in a mediocre way.

A lot of ‘modern martial arts’ classes try to teach a lot of techniques but never get around to teaching how to master something, an idea, or make anything work for real. If you can learn the essence of an idea, that is the best way.

Wing Tsun is not about techniques or about how many techniques you can learn. Wing Tsun is about an idea, a “Little Idea.”

No skill can be truly great without mastering the footwork. It is the footwork that makes the hands work so well.

If you practice a technique and have rehearsed it without end and you can do it in your sleep, this is only half the battle. Now comes the understanding part – knowing how this is useful in a fight.  Then you might have already won the fight – with your own ego.

-Si-fu Keith Sonnenberg