How to deal with weapon attacks

The most feared types of assaults are those that involve weapons. It appears that there is no way to protect oneself against the blade, the bullet or the bludgeon.

Indeed, these attacks are potentially lethal. In fact, the intent of such an attack should be regarded as intent to kill and therefore you, the defender should take any action possible to defend your life.

Although no empty handed self-defense system can claim or should claim certain victory with regards to weapon attacks, Wing Tsun is well-suited because of its scientific and practical approach with safety upper most in mind. While it may seem ideal and ‘feel good’ to carry a weapon in order to defend against possible weapon attacks in daily life, the reality is that when you are attacked, you likely will not have time to draw the weapon in time to defend, whether it be a blade, a gun or a sturdy stick. Therefore, it is wise to learn ways to defend by 1) running, 2) avoidance and finally, 3) direct empty hand versus weapon.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg