Improve Your Senses and Consciousness

In order to stick to your attacker’s arms, you must live in the present moment and not let your attention waiver.

Learning a tactile skill like chi sau in the art of WingTsun kung-fu can improve your senses and consciousness. Relying on just the sense of touch or more like sticking with your training partner’s arms (or legs!) allows you to know when a person is about to make a move. One can also feel the direction and amount of power a person is using. The time factor in response to an attacker’s movements is reduced to zero! What many martial arts instructors never get around to explaining is that if an attacker wants to rain punches down on you at full speed, no block, no defense of any kind that does not involve ‘stick’ can prevent those punches from hitting you. In addition, the best defense is a good offense in such a situation.

Learning to stick to an attacker’s arms is an abstract skill that heightens one’s senses and uses a deeper idea of the interplay between two opponents. The training heightens concentration ability and your physical positions and your conscious awareness of those positions without having to look down are sharpened. If one’s structure and position are the least bit ‘off’ a WingTsun opponent will score a hit on you!

In order to assume those positions, the upper body is first stretched through Siu Nim Tau (form) practice. The body becomes this tuned instrument, presumably of destruction. However we only use WingTsun kung-fu in self-defense for desperate situations. The advantage that ‘sticky hands’ gives you for self-defense cannot be overstated.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg