One can argue, in my estimation, that Wing Tsun is a form of athletics. It is a step-by-step training method to train the muscles to react in a flexible way to defend against attack. It can be a form of athletics without being a sport, however.

To be a sport, it would have to have rules. Wing Tsun does not have anything called a rule.* It does, however, have movement principals. All the fine skills in small muscle groups must be trained. You cannot expect a muscle to react like you want it to without repeated practice.

The training will work the muscle but also teach it (and your cerebellum) to react according to stimulus. In a real fight, you do not have time to make decisions with your cerebrum. Seeing an attack, processing the correct response in your head, then begin to move appropriately is far too slow – and fallible. Misjudgments can be based on depth perception, or the slow action of eye sight. The intelligent sections of the brain are often far too conflicted. In other words, when a fist or a knife is headed full speed toward your face, it is too late for decisions. A modern brain is full of contradictions and stoppages. Is it legal to hit back? Am I at the right distance? My parents taught me not to hit people. I might hurt my fist. Is my stance correct? Is that a river behind my attacker? Or is it a reflection in a window? Bong. You’ve been hit – or stabbed.

Being a physical form of self-defense that requires physical training in punching, kicking, elbows, knees, take-downs, fighting from and on the ground – yes, it is a form of athletics.

Being a form of athletics may result in the usual assortment of muscular strains. For this, a professional in this field of restorative therapies should be considered. Some massage persons can be considered. I suggest a referral. Below is the only person I trust enough to do the BEST possible work to restore order to a strained body. You have to care to do the best work. She does.


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-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg


*There have been some applications of Wing Tsun done modified for sport in a few events done in China and America over a 40 year span.