You may attend a variety of martial arts schools these days. In some
towns and cities, the schools are on every block. However, relatively few teach
the higher Chinese skills on a routine basis. Usually very advanced skill-training
goes to only the most senior black-belt students. Most of the intermediate training
involves random sparring and forms. None of those long-range styles teach the
sticky hands handed down to them from Yip Man. In Leung Ting WingTsun®, sticky
hands is an intermediate skill.

Some might ask “Is this a worthwhile expenditure of my time?” Wing Tsun training
can answer many of the unarmed self-protection questions you may be harboring. After
eight years of training in a more common traditional martial art with very few
other styles that were very different available, I stumbled on a person that
introduced me to Wing Chun. I was curious but not overwhelmed at first…not
until I got first hand instruction from his instructor. Of course, I had enough
background (a black belt) to compare what I had learned to what was being
taught now and it sold me. I asked myself why I had spent so much time with the
other martial art. The answer was simple. It wasn’t available in my home town.
This was 43 years ago.

As to whether this is a worthwhile expenditure of your time, unequivocally
yes! Not only does it answer the relevant questions regarding unarmed
self-defense, it allows a trainee to sort out personal questions of whether you
have the tenacity, the patience, the toughness of mind and the respect for
others that this training requires. If you do not have these qualities, you can
build them.

Four years later I realized that learning this martial art, that is so
different, from a reluctant instructor isn’t the way to go. I knew someday, I
must open a school where students could come and teaching was available to all
that join, fully participate in the classes, and follow the class rules for such

Today that is a reality. Come join us.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

Trial Lesson