At Wing Tsun Arizona, Gilbert, you learn from the ground up, almost literally. We teach Wing Tsun footwork, followed by the hands. Hands and feet must be coordinated. In southern Chinese kung-fu, stance and footwork play a very important role. In learning an art like Wing Tsun, you will start with setting-up of the basic stance. To remain standing, it makes sense that you would want to have great balance and a sturdy footing. If you are ever attacked, the importance of staying on your feet is obvious.

By following this learning path, you’ll learn faster. Having your feet under you is crucial to street survival.

Stance and footing are important when you throw an attack such as a punch. A solid footing is very important if you are going to have punching or kicking power. Gravity can be your friend when you think about it this way! Gravity roots you on the ground. The art of footwork come next.

Footwork training begins more or less immediately. Unlike some more traditional kung-fu systems, Wing Tsun does not force a new student to remain in a training stance for the first six months! Footwork in Wing Tsun is not rigid but rather flexible. Mobility is very important. Standing in one place is to be a sitting duck!

Footwork and stance become your friend. Being knocked to the ground is not something we look forward to. However, Wing Tsun has remedies for that too.

-Sifu Keith Sonnenberg