Like the crack of a whip…

The WingTsun™ Character Sun Thrusting Punch generates power because of the skill of the person using this weapon and not because of the great physical power of the user.  The repetitive practice of the single punch (as opposed to the chain punch) will slowly build the necessary mental-physical skills. 

It is necessary to lock out the arm at the elbow joint in a single motion and then follow it with a wrist circle, all the while keeping the elbow locked.  In doing so, the trainee is developing tough connective tissues around the elbow joint and to a lesser extent, the wrist and the shoulder.  When the arm is locked out, the trainee should let go of all accumulated energy in the arm and feel it leaving the fist.  This feeling of letting go of the power is the first action being mentioned in the three stages of learning to borrow an attacker’s force, get rid of your own force.

Later, when the trainee is directed to start hitting the wall bag, learning to get rid of one’s own force is built upon with a sense of timing when the power is released from the fist.  The trainee learns how to release it upon contact with the wall bag as a matter of timing.  Correct timing of the punch’s impact results in a satisfying release of power from the fist.  This is the result of the trainee’s focus on building the skill in punching.

– Sifu Keith Sonnenberg

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