We believe all teens deserve superior self-defense training, not just tournaments. Not all kids respond well to competition.

Wing Tsun kungfu is an ideal martial arts format for many teenagers. The self-defense content and learning process instills a sense of self-confidence. An inner sense of motivation to learn kungfu is a predictor of long term success with the training for most people.

Wing Tsun is an intelligent martial art which takes no chances in self-protection. Its primary function is self-defense. However it builds correct posture, balance, bone strength, and joint strength without building bulky muscles.

Wing Tsun uses an attacker’s strength against them.

The Wing Tsun philosophy of self-defense is to “win without fighting” according to Sun Tze.

Although Wing Tsun is primarily about stand-up striking, punching and kicking, all aspects of self-defense are eventually addressed.

Safety is a high priority in our school.

Many of the great Wing Tsun masters, among them, Ip Man (Yip Man) and Bruce Lee started as teenagers.

If your teen-aged son or daughter would like to join our school, aged 14 or older, bring them down to speak with an instructor between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday. You can also arrange for their free trial lesson on our web form.

You can use our contact page for any communications.